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Who are we?


The Cassol Lab is a group of interdisciplinary researchers investigating the role of macrophages in maintaining tissue homeostasis and their role in development of various communicable and non-communicable diseases.  Our research is focused on understanding how 1) cellular metabolism and 2) the tissue microenvironment regulates macrophage function and dysfunction. To do this we use a variety of immunological and biochemical techniques combined with tissue engineering and advanced imaging approaches.

Member of TEAM Hub

The Cassol Lab is a core member of the Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials (TEAM) Hub. The TEAM Hub draws on different disciplines and perspectives to investigate the role of the tissue microenvironment in disease.  

HIF-1α Regulation of Cytokine Production following TLR3 Engagement in Murine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages Is Dependent on Viral Nucleic Acid Length and Glucose Availability

Ahmed D et al. 

J Immunol 2021


Label-free two-photon imaging of mitochondrial activity in murine macrophages stimulated with bacterial and viral ligands

Allen H. 

Sci Rep, 2021


life science day.jpg

Life Sciences Day 6.0

May, 2023

Several members of the Cassol lab participated in Carleton's Life Science Day 6.0. Robyn and Rayhane did an excellent job during the poster presentations.

mentorship award.jpg

Graduate Mentoring Award

March, 2023

Edana received one of this year's Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards. 

Zoya's grad party .JPG

Zoya Graduation Party

January, 2023

So proud of Zoya and the successful defense of her MSc thesis. Festivities were hosted at Hammond Golf Restaurant.

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