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Who are we?


The Systems Immunology Lab studies how cellular metabolism contributes to the regulation of antimicrobial immune responses and how dysregulation of these processes contributes to the pathogenesis of infectious diseases. Our research is focused on the mitochondria and how alterations in mitochondrial function and metabolism contributes to antiviral immune responses in macrophages. To do this we use a variety of experimental and computational approaches in mouse and human model systems as well as clinical samples.

Transcriptional Profiling Suggests Extensive Rewiring of Human and Mouse Macrophages during Early Interferon Alpha Responses 
Ahmed D et al. 
Mediators of Inflammation 2018


Role of Cellular Metabolism in Regulating Type I IFN responses: Implications for Tumour Immunology and Treatment
Ahmed D. 
Cancer Letters, 2017



Thesis Defense

September 24, 2019

David successfully defended his MSc. He did an amazing job and was nominated for a medal. He is the first MSc to graduate from the Systems Immunology lab and the the new MSc program in Health Sciences at Carleton.

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Summer HS Lab Party

July 23, 2019

The Cassol Lab joined members from the Connor, Holcik and Overhage labs for lunch and a quick round of mini golf. Some teams took the competition far too seriously. 


Conference Presentation

April 14, 2019

Duale had an oral presentation and a poster at the Keystone meeting on Immunometabolism, Metaflammation and Metabolic Disorders. We are all very proud of his hard work. 

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